Casa do Barroso

A house with history, in the North of Portugal

Casa do Barroso was built in 1730. It is a house located in the small village of Cunhas, in the municipality of Cabeceiras de Basto, in the District of Braga, which has about 60 inhabitants who are essentially dedicated to pastoral activity and small wine and cereal crops.


The reconstruction of Casa do Barroso started in 2012 and has been completely finished in June 2018. It consists of 6 houses inside, completely independent, which guarantees an unforgettable experience and a refuge in nature with all the comfort you need.

A stay you won't forget
Ideal for a family stay or with a group of friends, Casa do Barroso is perfect for those who like to explore nature and enjoy a splendid view of the surrounding mountains. With unique characteristics of the environment and rural landscape, this is the break you need to invigorate, relax and disconnect.

Casa do Barroso Wine
Wine has always been a means of subsistence in the small village of Cunhas and, as a result, has become part of its identity. In turn, the wine produced by Casa do Barroso has historically excelled in quality.

In 2013, brothers Jorge and Pedro Barroso, representatives of the current generation, aware of the weight of inheritance and respect for memory, started a process of reconversion of the vineyard with the use of new planting and driving systems, always seeking to find the balance between viability economy and the preservation of the environment, respecting the social and cultural obligations of the community in which the project is inserted.


In this regard, a special focus was given to the Alvarinho variety, which, although not very productive, is a variety of personality and strong temperament. Our commitment is to associate the Casa do Barroso appellation only with wines of strong character, recognized quality, and, inevitably, unforgettable. This is the case of Casa do Barroso Alvarinho ReservaCasa do Barroso Alvarinho Superior and Casa do Barroso Alvarinho Estágio Prolongado wines: elegant, special and unforgettable.

The time has come to plan your vacation. Casa do Barroso offers you the perfect symbiosis between country leisure and the wine culture of the region, making it the perfect place for a break from everyday life. Our guests can confirm.